Our work with Rissmann Consulting began in 2009 and is related to our attempts to form a capital group around Mirbud S.A. RC advising services in M&A projects primarily involve recommending companies as potential goals of acquisition, organizing meetings with representatives of these companies and preparing a company estimation for those which Mirbud was interested in. We rate RC as a reliable advisor whose involvement and professionalism contribute to making appropriate decisions in M&A projects. (2010-07-05)  see document

Halina Mirgos
CEO of Mirbud S.A.

Within the last few years Rissmann Consulting has rendered a wide range of consulting services for ABM Solid S.A., including: identification of potential acquisition objects, conducting due diligence of companies, participating in negotiations and preparing an intention to concentrate for OCCP. The professionalism and competence of Rissmann’s consultants allow us to recommend Rissmann Consulting services to other companies planning M&A projects. (2010-07-05)  see document

Marek Pawlik
CEO of ABM Solid S.A.

We have had the pleasure of working with Rissmann Consulting for more than a year. During this time RC has proved a solid and trustworthy partner in consulting activity related to M&A. We particularly appreciate the efficiency, speed and professionalism of Rissmann Consulting. (2010-07-05)  see document

Marek Korytowski and Łukasz Kalupa
Board of Directors of Atrem S.A.

Budopol – Wrocław S.A. is working with Rissmann Consulting in the formation of a capital group. The due diligence reports prepared by Rissmann Consulting are of a high quality and accuracy, which allows us to make advantageous investing decisions. (2010-07-05)  see document

Mirosław Motyka and Marzanna Adamska
Board of Directors of Budopol – Wrocław S.A.

The knowledge, professional qualifications, and expertise of RC’s consultants all convinced TOFAMA S.A. to use Rissmann Consulting (RC)’s services. After the conscientious preparation of our application for a European Union subsidy, our company received a grant within the SPO WKP program. With this grant we were able to purchase four valuable pieces of equipment for our firm. What is more, RC consultants assisted us in total settlement of our project and as a result we obtained a full refund as originally specified in the subsidy agreement. (2008-05-08)  see document

Wojciech Gołembiewski and Adam Rutkowski
Board of Directors of TOFAMA S.A.

ATS Sp. z o.o. has used the services of RISSMANN Consulting several times. RC successfully prepared applications for European Union grants for our company. They also prepared final settlements in connection with the following projects: 1. “Increase of the competitiveness of ATS Sp. z o.o. through implementation of advanced IT technology” (SPO–WKP Programme, 2.3.), 2. “Participation as exhibitor in MT “TUBE” Dusseldorf, Germany, 24-28 April 2006” (SPO-WKP Programme, 2.2.2.), 3. “Participation as exhibitor in International Machine fair MSV Brno 2007” (SPO-WKP Programme, 2.2.2.).
We recommend the competence, professional knowledge, and engagement of RC’s consultants to other entrepreneurs who also want obtain financial support from the EU.
 (2008-05-08)  see document

Jacek Kowalczyk
Member of Board of Directors of ATS Sp. z o.o.

In July 2006 our company received a grant in pre-access funds from the Phare 2003 program, for a project titled “Assessment of the Company’s Competitive Position: Strategic Development.” We chose Rissmann Consulting from Toruń.
In this project, RC’s consultants demonstrated knowledge and professionalism. The report written by Rissmann Consulting included a market analysis on which Panda operates, description of competition factors, and a business strategy in all areas of the company’s activity (product, promotion, distribution, prices, costs, financing, organization, and development of human resources) for the next 5 years (until 2011).
 (2006-11-21)  see document

Lesław Bracio
CEO of Panda Sp. z o.o.

We have worked with Rissmann Consulting since 1999. RC’s work on the first projects showed us their professionalism. We have used RC’s services in many strategic undertakings for our company, including the process of getting an investor, ThyssenKrupp Services AG.
All of the projects undertaken by RC are notable for their high quality and accuracy. We have a high opinion of the knowledge, experience and engagement of RC’s consultants, and therefore we have used their services for years.
 (2006-02-02)  see document

Ryszard Bojarski
CEO of ThyssenKrupp Energostal S.A.

Rissmann Consulting conducted, as our consultant, the due diligence of a company which we were interested in acquiring. The professionalism of the research and the identification of risks influencing the company’s value provided the Board of Relpol S.A. the necessary information to make the proper decision. Additionally, the efficiency and speed of RC showed the competencies of the team and quality of services offered by Rissmann Consulting. (2006-01-31)  see document

Robert Tęcza
Deputy CEO of Relpol S.A.

Rissmann Consulting earned our trust during work on a project concerning acquiring majority shares of Fabryka Aparatury Pomiarowej PAFAL S.A. Impressed by the professionally performed due diligence as well as the good working relationship formed when we negotiated contracts for acquiring shares, we chose RC as our advisor for our next acquisitions of KFAP Sp. z o. o. and Metrix S.A. Our work together on these projects confirmed our favorable opinion of the competence and high quality of the services provided by Rissmann Consulting. (2005-07-07)  see document

Janusz NiedĽwiecki

As a contractor of our company, operating in the area of media and advertising, Rissmann Consulting prepared the report, “Assessment of the Enterprise’s Competitive Position: Outline of Development Strategy of Trias Sp. z o.o.” One part was devoted to the development of our company’s organizational structure.
An important part of the study was financial strategy, including a financial forecast for the years 2004 to 2006 and proposals concerning possible sources of external financing.
RC’s recommendations, particularly in sales and marketing and the division of technical preparation of events and shows contributed to better cooperation among staff, elimination of failures, more efficient preparing of events and better relations with customers. Their recommendations included a new distribution of functions, new positions, and flow of information within the company.
The study met our expectations. In working on the project, RC’s consultants demonstrated professional competency, meeting the highest standards. We fully recommend RC’s services to other companies.
 (2005-03-15)  see document

Zbigniew Klonowski
CEO of Trias Sp. z o.o.

Rissmann Consulting Ltd. helped us increase the stock capital of Cemat Silicon Co. by suggesting possible methods of issuing stocks, which led to a successful resolution. (2004-04-20)  see document

Jacek Bogucki
Deputy CEO of Cemat Silicon Co.

The Rissmann Consulting company helped us when we had an urgent need for financing in the purchase of a modern line of corrugated cardboard production technology. The businessplan developed by Rissmann Consulting made it easier for us to negotiate a leasing contract, which was essential for the successful conclusion of this stage of investment in our company. (2001-11-20)  see document

Stefan Medeński
Chairman of the POLPAK Partnership (Actually Polpak-Karton Sp. z o. o.)

During the year 2000 and at the beginning of 2001, we cooperated very intensively with the company Rissmann Consulting. Mr. Rissmann has been consultant to the associate partners of Energostal company, aiming to establish a common Joint Venture. This was accomplished with a very high degree of professionalism on his part, so that the objectives of the contract parties were coordinated in a target-oriented manner. The requirements of our Group towards the contract parties regarding financial and profit forecasts have been fully accomplished by him.
In the course of our cooperation, we have come to know Rissmann Consulting as a reliable partner. (2001-03-22)  see document

Joachim Limberg
Chief Executive Officer of the Thyssen Schulte GmbH
ThyssenKrupp Materials Group

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